Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 2006 update

We have kicked off this year 's activities with
Notebook Distribution &

Swati has some ideas for the 7th class students.
We want to make it a session wise planned
activity unlike the math and science session
which was done in a adhoc fashion last year
and do it for say some 12 sessions.

A new volunteer Sundari joined.

So team will be as follows
Hippocampus- Ambica, Anand, Anitha, Sundari
7th std- Swati, Dinesh and a new volunteer

School Development and Monitering Commitee
meeting for this year happed:
Money issues and certain other issues related
to non-caring attitude of some parents were

Sometime back Swati, Ambica n myself partitioned
the work for this year. So this year s plans are more
or less clear.

My tasks:
Find some good volunteers for 7th std say 1
and for Pygmalion- 3 and vocabulary session- 3

SDMC coordination

Independence Day celebration coordination


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