Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sep 2006

9 Sep Class:

HippoCampus session at 6std went on well.

Today the HM complained that all the new bathroom
was stolen..taps worth 700 and pipes another 100 or so
are gone...She finally remarked the stealing has reduced
these days .

may be its time to look for some more new volunteers.
Shud think of some idea.

16 Sep Class:

Tried the same as previous class with 7th std.
Desingh was also there. I read a lesson. Made
them repeat. Explained the meaning. And finally made
them enact the lesson.

The enacting people enjoyed. But others felt bored.
Shud try with more volunteers. It can be done in groups.
Let me see if it can be done next week.

The kids have so much of creativity. Shud try making
them use it. Shud think of some ideas which the teachers
cannot afford to do.

Later Swathi, Anitha, Desingh and myself had a lunch meeting.
It was sort of nice to hear other people s experiences.
Desingh said he will take up the vocabs. Lets us see.
Shud remind him.


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