Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Assessment and Goal Setting

One major exercise that was carried out in the recent times was
Assessment - to baseline the current standard of 2,4 and 6 std students and setting up of Goals to the teachers for the next academic year.

A reasonably good number around 12 or so volunteered to conduct the assessments.

Things that are pending:
1. Megha s task - to prepare assignment sheets
2. Plan for this year - chalking out
3. Translation- offline- with more volunteers help
4. A discussion with My3, Vinay and Megha - Future course
5. Paying My3 some money

Some more ideas for this year:

Reg Hippocampus,
Should be continued as it was the most successful effort. Should make
a team of two people responsible.

Reg Tamil/English translation classes,
The teaching sessions were not very effective. The impact that cud be
created in 2 hrs contact class is very less. Instead we cud pool in
volunteers to do the translation of words, Tamil to English, for every chapter
say in Math and Science.

Also we cud try out if we cud give them some variety of "experiences"
along the lines of what the teachers dont emphasise, but educated parents
give kind of. Abstract but one can start thinking about, in the two hr slot we